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Teaching at Master Level (University of Copenhagen)


'European Politics Specialisation’  (since 2018)
C1: ’Institutions, Policies and Law in the European Union’ 

C2: ’Challenges in European Governance: Lobbying & Interest Groups'

Political Advocacy, Lobbying and the Influence Production Process (2024)

'Legitimacy and Representation in Modern Governance' (2020, 2021)

'Institutions, Policy Processes and Policies of the EU’  (Autumn 2016/17)


'Researching complex questions in EU studies’, (Autumn 2016/17)

Supervision of Master Theses Cluster and Internship Reports 


Teaching at Bachelor Level (University of Copenhagen)


'Public Policy’ (since 2020)

Lectures in Europæisk PolitikDansk og Komparativ Politik (2021-2023)

'International Public Administration’ (2016)

Supervision of Bachelor Projects (2020)

Pedagogical training


Participation in the E-Note project (2022)


Universitetspædagogikum / Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, University of Copenhagen (2018/19)

Teaching at the University, University of Copenhagen (2015)

Peer Support Training, Counselling Service Oxford (2009)

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