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Teaching at Master Level (University of Copenhagen)


'European Politics Specialisation’  (Autumn 2018/19, 2019/20, 2022/23)
C1: ’Institutions, Policies and Law in the European Union’ 

C2: ’Challenges in European Governance: Lobbying & Interest Groups'

'Legitimacy and Representation in Modern Governance' (2020, 2021)

'Institutions, Policy Processes and Policies of the EU’  (Autumn 2016/17)


'Researching complex questions in EU studies’, (Autumn 2016/17)

Supervision of Master Theses Cluster and Internship Reports 


Teaching at Bachelor Level (University of Copenhagen)


'Public Policy’ (Spring 2020, 2021, 2022)

Lectures in Europæisk Politik (2022), Dansk og Komparativ Politik (2021)

'International Public Administration’ (Spring 2016)

Supervision of Bachelor Projects (2020)

Pedagogical training


Universitetspædagogikum / Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, University of Copenhagen (2018/19)

Teaching at the University, University of Copenhagen (2015)

Peer Support Training, Counselling Service Oxford (2009)

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